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Our Team

We’re a highly experienced, dedicated bunch of animal lovers, and we pride ourselves on giving the highest quality care and safety.

Eve Rametta

Eve got her first pet job like 20 years ago, has vaccinated animals at mobile clinics, worked at a large pet store, and a small dog daycare facility, and is now a certified pet instructor and trainer. Today, she covers most of downtown JC and Paulus Hook, and hosts the Pet Theories Podcast, where she tries new tricks with her lab Olive Oyl.

Walker & Sitter


Anthony has worked with Skyline Tails since 2013, taking care of all sorts of animals in every neighborhood of Jersey City. He has two amazing dogs.

Pet Theories Podcast

Every week, we answer our listener's most awkward pet questions, from cat training troubles to macaw manners. Plus, some helpful dog training advice, cool new pet tricks, and review all the latest news for animals. Please send any and all of your pet questions to

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